Lightning & Power

Lightning & Power

Dark Fantasy

Lightning & Power   (Indigo Skies Series, Book 3)

One of the wheels was spinning somewhere in the noise. My voice wheezed, whispering into the line. “Maloney... Eonsen here... It's a compound. Dark road with no lights.”

I could hear the vampire coming. My gaze bled across to Graeme. Maloney was our only hope now. I checked the gun's ammo with my good hand.

“Nothing else around here. Please...” My windpipe felt like it was being crushed. My lungs wouldn't inflate properly. “Send help.”

Genres: Dark Fantasy | Crime | Supernatural | Dystopian | Science-Fiction | Urban Fantasy | Alternate History

Published by Katarr Kanticles Press – 1st October 2016

With little power comes great potential... & an agonizing death.

Business has been quiet since her last case, but an abduction in New York drags PI Violet Eonsen off to the states with the promise of a paid job. Accompanied by friend & mute, Simon, they soon realise that there's more than just one victim here.

There's been a spate of disappearances all over the city & the police aren't doing anything. Necromancer Violet is convinced that the victims are still alive, but who's kidnapping them & why?

When it becomes obvious that all the abductees are mutes or weak supernaturals, Violet's desperate to send Simon home to protect him. Except Simon won't leave. Finally finding a friend from the past, he's unwilling to let go of the only connection to his old life.

But is this old friend all that she seems? & will Simon become the next victim on the kidnapper's list?

Not if Violet can help it.

Baying For Blood Book Cover

A fast paced sequel doused in supernatural action & adventure, Lightning & Power crackles in at 60,801 words.

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Part Of The Indigo Skies Series


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Lightning & Power  Book Cover

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