Flash Fiction No. 72


Autumn Whole

His lips pressed against the bare flesh of her breastbone, her pulse jumping against his skin. Fingertips ran across the line of her jaw, pulling free a sigh as her eyes lit with a smile, curving the corners of her soft mouth. Her gaze sparkled on his.

“Why did you come back for me after all I did?”

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Flash Fiction No. 71


Death Breath

He touched her lips of sapphire blue and remembered them red.

Long nights had been spent in this house. Long nights had dragged them closer in, tucking them under its protective shawl. Wind creaked the old stairway. He glanced up at the steps from where he knelt, seeing nothing but the dark shadow seeping out of the landing.

They’d met here a thousand times before, but he wondered what could have brought her back. The circle outside lay unbroken.

It was unsafe.

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November Fic


In accordance with @LadyAntimony’s November fiction challenge of 250 words, here is my offering:

My Tricksy Precious

“‘One ring to rule them all’… What bull is this? Where’s the original note?”

The paper crumpled in her hand, heavily lined eyes black with anger. How hard was it to follow a set of simple instructions? She should have done it herself. Always expect shoddy work if you send a demon to do a necromancer’s job.

“I thought that was the original note…”
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