A Grand Day Out: Lavender & Cinema Cuddles

It’s been a busy and tiring weekend at work hence the late posting here. Thankfully, we’re now into the home stretch. Summer holidays are over and most of the schools go back tomorrow, which means a hopeful break from the tension building, long slog of the summer.

On a happier note, Howard Bear took a day off that coincided with one of mine and so we were actually able to spend some good quality time together.

And, as you might expect, that translated to a day out. It turned into a very expensive day out, but that was less intentional.

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Weekend Relax, Computer Issues, & Words

It’s half term over here guys and as such, with people off ill/on holiday too, work has been a bit hectic and stressful. It also meant I ended up working eleven days straight and one of those days was from 9am until just past 10pm.

So, as you can imagine, I was pretty ready for my days off on Sunday and Monday. I think Howard Bear was ready for me to have those days off, too, just so that we could spend some much needed time together.

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