Schrödinger’s Cat

In a departure from the usual topics, today I want to tell you all about Schrödinger’s cat. Of course, Schrödinger is not really the owner of this particular cat. In fact, I’m not sure what her name is, but since this is one of those real life stupid stories, I thought you might like to hear it.

The story starts months ago when a ginger and white cat started showing up at our front door. Now, we already have cats and they weren’t particularly pleased with this new development. Of course, Mr Ginger wasn’t bothered by this.

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Sydney, Book Trailers & Christmas Wishes

First of all, I’d like to give a little nod to the terrible events that have been unfolding in Sydney. It is a horrible thing for anybody to endure, but the Australians seem to have dealt with it in the best way possible. In fact, more nations should employ the #illridewithyou notion whenever this happens.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you should have a read of this article on the subject. A lot of people have also been sharing the above image in regards to the situation. It’s something that we should all adhere to.

Thoughts and sympathies are also with those in Pakistan who are suffering a similar and equally as terrible event. But let us move onto happier words…

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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Or so I’m told….

My room is a mass of laundry, random boxes and bags of rubbish containing fast food litter and cans/bottles, which kind of describes the state of my life right now. Messy and dazed. Mr H is currently my one constant (apart from the litany of work, I guess).

My birthday is in a week on Thursday too (joy… I’m getting yet older). What do I have to show for that this past year?

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Everybody’s Fine

And nobody is.

That seems to be the theme right now. In case you didn’t read the beginning of the last post, a friend died on Sunday evening. He was a good guy and I went to school with him. Poor sod even took care of me when I was paralytic and distraught at one point in the past few months. I’ll never forget him for that. I really needed that half an hour or so of company and he wasn’t about to let me go anywhere on my own until I’d calmed down.

[And we all know he’ll be hitting on the angels by now.]

I hate thinking of that night for how distressed I was. It was probably one of my lowest points in this whole shitty charade (excuse my language).

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