A Belated Samhain Salute!

I did say to myself that I would write a post yesterday, but by the time I got around to it I was just far too tired and for that I apologise. Maybe next year I will do a Hallowe’en/Samhain post on the day that it actually occurs. I know a lot of people, however, were out and about celebrating All Hallows Eve either with friends or relatives and some even privately.

I feel I ought to mention my friend Louise (or Ann-Louise if she’s being really annoying) who was a part of the Edinburgh Samhain festival and was dressed up as a wolf with her clan to welcome in the Winter and say goodbye to the Summer. I may ask her if I can show off a picture of them on this blog so that you can all have a good look if you, like me, were unable to get to the celebrations.

Other lovely people told me that they were planning to spend the event trick or treating with either friends or youngsters. I must admit that we bedecked our house in all manner of Halloween paraphernalia (I do like that word).

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& All I Need Now Is For This Moon To Keep Light In Its Desolate Skyline For Good

I hate being a shoddy liar, but that’s a story for another time.  I have a terrible headache right now, which might be partially because I’m being nagged from every side, or so it seems. It’s funny how this only happens when Master Berserker decides to put in appearances.

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Mission: Normalisation

You can probably gather that, for little over a month now, I have been dreadfully busy. This is mostly due to the renovation of Master Berserker’s room, friends coming home from university for the summer and dating. I pretty much haven’t written at all and have spent very little time on my own.

So you can imagine my confusion on days when I have nothing to do… How on earth did I used to occupy my time?

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Catching Up

There has been a distinct lack of posting on this here journal and it most definitely has to stop! Why has there been a lack of posting and general openness into my life, you ask? Why haven’t I been screaming how many people have been reading my lovely WIP you cry? And just why in heaven’s name have there been various Daily Booth images of me painting?!

These questions and more will thus be answered…

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