Paris, Japan, Hate, & Insignificance

I should be writing Delivering Hope right about now. I’m 30k words in, which is great. It’s far further along than I thought I would be after everything. But I’m not writing right now.

Instead, I’m wondering about humanity. Yesterday was Friday 13th. Bad luck according to many, but I don’t think luck had much to do with a lot of the horror of yesterday.

The lights in Paris are out.

And the rest of the world is sharing its grief in France’s national colours. Such is the sadness of our hearts.

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Holiday AKA Good Food, Animal Parks, & Keswick

It was Halloween last weekend and although we’d organised a little get together not many turned up due to seasonal birthdays and such. Still, here’s a picture of my witchy outfit:

Despite that, we had a good time. Of course, the next day was spent readying our bags for our long trip to the Lake District. And there was also the fun of packing the cats off to my parents (something they did not enjoy at all).

In fact, they were pretty unhappy about the whole thing. Barley cried all the way (and all the way back when we brought him home). And Salem managed to claw his way out of his cat carrier and ended up sitting on the backseat the whole way there.

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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Or so I’m told….

My room is a mass of laundry, random boxes and bags of rubbish containing fast food litter and cans/bottles, which kind of describes the state of my life right now. Messy and dazed. Mr H is currently my one constant (apart from the litany of work, I guess).

My birthday is in a week on Thursday too (joy… I’m getting yet older). What do I have to show for that this past year?

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Staring Down The Barrel

It’s been a long and somewhat hectic week. I think I’m probably allowed to tell you now that my lovely cousin and her family moved over here from the city last weekend.

This is extra nice because now we all get to see her more and hopefully things will start looking up for her a bit more after all the trouble she’s had. My mum has also been in hospital again with her on going problems, however, this was just a check up.

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