So It’s Sunday

Yes, I’m being very imaginative with my titling today. Don’t yell at me. Everyone has to have a break sometimes and this weak title is mine.

My throat is feeling much better than it was. I’m still suffering from tickliness when I haven’t taken a tablet, though, so I don’t think I’ll be better any time soon (like tomorrow) but I’m getting there so all is good. My mum seems a lot better than she was, though she’s still getting dizzy spells and times when she feels overcome.

However, as much as I worry about her, there comes a point when having her at home just becomes stressful and irritating. Do not read this as ‘I don’t love my mum’. I do… but I think anyone knows that after so long they get bored and start prying more than usual and then decide they have to move the furniture around and find some fault in your life to pass the time away.

Or is that just my mother?

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Die Hard 2.1: Heathrow

Stuck in Heathrow? Planes not moving? Unable to go on your Christmas holidays and escape the dreadful weather that’s keeping you here in the UK?

Well… it’s not the weather’s fault.

That’s right. John McClane is at it again…

He’s at Heathrow airport saving everyone from terrorists while authorities pretend that we’re actually all just stuck under the weather.

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