Walking home from work I have an awful lot of time to think. Sometimes, like today, I think of things I need to say in a blog post to get them off my chest.

Unfortunately, by the time I get home and complete whatever needs to be completed before I get to my blog… these things jumble themselves away. I wish they didn’t so that I could get them all off my chest at once. The problem is that I only seem to have two real emotions at the minute. Crying and vacancy.

They’re not really my choice of emotions. In fact, I’d rather not have them.

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#TuesdayTales: The Writer’s Cut


Usually I intersperse posts of fiction with those about my daily life. Today… that’s been cast out because it’s the extended edition of #TuesdayTales. This means that instead of the 100 word comments we’ve been leaving over on Glitter Word, today we leave the first 100 words of an 1000 word tale.

The above is the picture we base our stories around for today and the word prompt is Spectrum. For more details check out today’s starter post.

But this is my response….
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A Ghastly New Challenge

As you know, @LadyAntimony has taken to giving out new fiction challenges every month. As this is October, the month where the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, she’s decided on a ghoulishly good challenge to keep us all on our toes.

In a similar vein to the lovely Stevie McCoy’s Tuesday Tales challenges, we have set words to fit into our challenge entries. But don’t think it’s just that simple! They will be creepy caricatures of four different ghastly beings. The first three beings are set, but the fourth is up for choice.

As if that couldn’t be hard enough, Lady A has cranked the word count down to a difficult 250 words.
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Versatile? Me?

Well, apparently the lovely Miss Icy Sedgwick thinks so over at her wonderful Blunt Pencil blog as she’s bestowed me with the very sought after Versatile Blogger Award that she also received from others.

I’m incredibly grateful to Icy for the awesome award, which she totally deserves for her brilliant fiction and the thought provoking pieces she writes on her blog. As always, these lovely awards have rules. And what are those rules?

I must share some more fantastic bloggers with you and give you seven sacred* facts about myself.

*not actually sacred; merely previously untold.
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