#MarchMadness Fiction 1 of 4


Belial Bairns

He pushed the word around his plate, its sallow skin seeping red essence. His mother wouldn’t understand. She would think they were more of his ‘nonsense words’. If only she could comprehend his great creativity.

Destruction is a kind of creation.

He smiled and pushed the word again until it was perfectly aligned, juice dripping from its gelatinous spine. Inventing was his favourite. Creating destruction… It was a delicious past time.
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Dicey Flash Fiction: Week Two


Kill All Your Characters

“But why?”

The cutlery in the hall stilled. One diner knocked over his goblet. Red liquid leapt from its grasp and pooled across the old banquet table. It spread across the ancient wood, squeezing in between plates and silverware, rippling as it pressed up against each object.

A chair tumbled over, a young girl falling to the flagstones with her eyes fixed in a glassy stare of horror. She hit her head but didn’t feel it. Blood and small splinters of skull smattered the old stone.
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Dicey Flash Fiction: Week One


A Dragon Just Wrecked Your House – Deal With It

My head pounded beneath the duvet of rubble. It was dark. Something breathed low and long overhead, the stench of sulphur stinking out the air. It rolled and smoked, sickening my insides as the acrid stink of burning flesh wrapped around my lungs.

It had come so suddenly. We should have listened to the warning, but my father was too proud. He said that it would never find us.

He was wrong.
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