#MarchMadness Fiction 3 of 4


Start a War

Aston pressed his face against the window only to meet the eyes of his twin. She scowled, angry and vengeful. Moments later, the door burst open in a flash of fire.

“What are you doing?” he hissed. “Is it really clever to do that in public?”

“Is it this? Is it that? What? Why? When? Where do you get off questioning me all the time?” Murder smouldered in her gaze. “She deserves it, anyway.”
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#MarchMadness Fiction 2 of 4


Royal Lip Service

A smile. Black hair. Cool lips. He watched as her pupils dilated close to him in the confines of the school showers.

Her breathing was shallow, just like her.
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#MarchMadness Fiction 1 of 4


Belial Bairns

He pushed the word around his plate, its sallow skin seeping red essence. His mother wouldn’t understand. She would think they were more of his ‘nonsense words’. If only she could comprehend his great creativity.

Destruction is a kind of creation.

He smiled and pushed the word again until it was perfectly aligned, juice dripping from its gelatinous spine. Inventing was his favourite. Creating destruction… It was a delicious past time.
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Flash Fiction No. 65


Angels & Demons

There are two sides to my job. There are two sides to a lot of things. Occasionally, there’s also that grey in between place. And that’s where I live.

“You can’t work for both sides, Hera.”

I smirked, brushing back dark bangs and tilting my head so I could see her better. Her white wings twitched, feathers trembling in the breeze. She thought everything was clear cut. I’d like to clear cut her wings right off and see her bleed out, but even I knew that was a step too far.

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