Forming Thoughts

As you know, I’m nearing the end of my current WIP, Preying on Time, and I’ve been dithering over writing the ending. This is not because I don’t know what happens in the end or because I’ve suddenly found that I dislike the story immensely.

The truth is that I slow down for endings. I’m not willing to simply get on and write them usually because it means the end of one novel and the beginning if something new.

And I always have new ideas floating around to be written.

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Mission: Normalisation

You can probably gather that, for little over a month now, I have been dreadfully busy. This is mostly due to the renovation of Master Berserker’s room, friends coming home from university for the summer and dating. I pretty much haven’t written at all and have spent very little time on my own.

So you can imagine my confusion on days when I have nothing to do… How on earth did I used to occupy my time?

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& Now For Something Completely Different

A writing piece of sorts, if you will, is what I now bestow upon you and hope you enjoy. It is meant to be entirely humorous and not at all an accurate representation of the readers of certain books…

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