Oh Damn, I’m Late!

I should have posted sooner, but I’ve been quite busy getting words in on Baying For Blood and working and chores and a myriad of other things. Not to mention that we are moving into the summer season at work and thus everything is becoming just that little bit more hectic.

You’ll be glad to know that I am much better than I was when we last spoke. I have to admit that I felt like death warmed up that particular day. That isn’t to say that I’m not currently writing to you from in bed.

My other half has gone to stay with his dad for the night, unfortunately for me. I hate when we’re parted for long periods of time. It makes me heartsick for him.

Anyway, he’s going to some kind of air show or military tourist park or something similar with his dad and his granddad tomorrow so he needed to be there from the bright and early.

I still miss him, though.
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A Friday 13th Rerelease!

A lovely lady by the name of Shonda Brock is rereleasing her novel, Eternal Traces, on Friday. She’s the glamorous hostess of Paranormal Wednesday, a blog theme that I am happy to have featured on.

Here’s the new awesome cover for Shonda’s Eternal Traces. Looks exciting, don’t you think?

And here’s a little bit about Shonda herself…
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