Flash Fiction No. 75


A Real Howl

Yeast. Yeast and stale peppermint. Those were the smells that drifted up from the cracked window ledge. Paint peeled like old skin. Smoke and breath kissed the glass with tepid contempt as she flicked her cig, ash dripping into the teacup that reeked of last night’s beverages.

She stared with unseeing eyes through the glass. Would Suki remember her admission or had it died in a whorl of alcohol infused brain cells? She’d passed out shortly afterwards in a combination of drink and fear, curled in a drool stained patch on the floor.

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Flash Fiction No. 63


Lying In The Moonlight

There’s something I need to tell you…

The words burnt on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t come out. I watched him from across the room, thumbing the ring around my finger as he laughed and joked. The blonde had a predatory smile. Her hand caressed his raising the bile in my gut until he pulled away.

The nausea remained. It had been there all day.

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Everything’s Changing

And I don’t feel the same. La la la…

Ahem. I’m sorry you had to walk in on that. Except I’m not. I’m feeling quite bouncy and happy and I’m sure certain people that read this will know why… but as of yet it’s still an almost secret.

But I promise, dear readers, that I’ll tell you soon. In other news… I’ve been doing a lot more photography for that band that I’ve been hanging around with.

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Those of you on twitter may have noticed that I disappeared after posting last Friday’s piece of flash fiction, Cinders, and didn’t return until some time on Sunday. Saturday was a planned disappearance but Friday was not.

Things kicked off once more in our household on Friday night. Regular readers may already know what’s coming. Those who don’t, well…

My brother, Master Berserker, started a huge argument…

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