Valerian Root, Hearts, Boilers & Lists

Despite the fact that I’ve been doing quite a few hours at the day job lately and am incredibly tired, I’m still no closer to finding a way to fall asleep easily. My brain doesn’t shut off until after one nearly every night. It’s terribly frustrating.

And, of course, the more that I want to go to sleep, the longer I will end up lying awake.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve heavily invested in herbal teas. In particular, I ordered a lot of valerian root tea. It is well known for its sleep inducing properties, but it’s also effective as a stimulant to cats.

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Occasionally, I create random YouTube videos about things. Usually it’s just me blathering on about my life, but somebody very close to me told me to do this one to help people see why they should have a go at #SatSunTails.

Basically me talking about my micro fiction competition that I hold on weekends on my blog. If you want to try it then please do. We could always use fresh blood

I’m hoping it’s achieved that. I’m also hoping everyone who watched enjoyed the video. I’ve had some good feedback so far, anyway.

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Pick Me Up Tape Me Together

There’s so much going through my head that I don’t know where to start and yet I have an almost eerie calm hanging over me. It’s like part of me is more sure than the rest.

I kind of like that feeling. It’s a weird sort of reassurance that I lost for a couple of years, but it’s back now. There are reasons why it disappeared for a few years. However, I won’t go into those right now. It’s enough for me that the calming notion is back and helping me to stay a little more chilled out despite stresses I feel.

I’ve been feeling stressed for about a week now.

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The Death of Another Summer

Tomorrow is the start of the #DiceGames blog challenge. So that’s a thousand words of fiction for you every Monday this month. I also thought that I started back at work on Tuesday but apparently term begins on Wednesday instead!

So I have an extra day of freedom before I have to don my fluorescent coat and keep pedestrians safe as they cross the road.
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