Schrödinger’s Cat

In a departure from the usual topics, today I want to tell you all about Schrödinger’s cat. Of course, Schrödinger is not really the owner of this particular cat. In fact, I’m not sure what her name is, but since this is one of those real life stupid stories, I thought you might like to hear it.

The story starts months ago when a ginger and white cat started showing up at our front door. Now, we already have cats and they weren’t particularly pleased with this new development. Of course, Mr Ginger wasn’t bothered by this.

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Pet Death, Books Make The Best Presents, & Progress

It’s my sad duty to announce that my mum’s cat and my secret admirer, Baby, passed away last Monday (23rd November). He was about ten years old and, despite the sadness of his last few weeks, he was a wonderful cat.

Yeah, he did have an unfortunate name, but he also had brilliant hunting skills, a really annoying meow, penchant for dribbling when he was excited, and liked to demand a lot of attention. He also had three little dogs whipped right into shape.

Above is my favourite photo of him. It’s old, but it shows perfectly what a handsome, whiskered gentleman he was.

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Hard To Catch

Dear regular viewers…

You may have noticed a distinct lack of posting on anything that is really just about me or a piece of flash fiction lately. For that, I have to apologise.

Those of you who know me through social media etc may be aware that I’ve been very busy of late (or at least it seems that way). There have been lots of social things to catch up on as well as an unfortunate death in the family – incidentally, if anybody wants some left shoes (size 10 and male) then please ask my cousin.

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