New Book Release: Free 3rd Chapter

Well, it’s nearly book release time! We’ve had two free excerpts. And now we have the last one.

After reading the first chapter and the second chapter, are you ready for this spring’s dark fantasy book release? Calling The Wolf is the fourth book in the Indigo Skies series and it will be the last book release before I move house. Isn’t that exciting?!

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New Dark Fantasy Book Release: Free 1st Chapter

My next dark fantasy book release is nearly here! By now, you must be aware that Calling The Wolf will be released on the 24th April. That’s less than a week away!

And, as a special treat, you can read the prologue and first chapter of this dark fantasy book for free! Right here! And right now!

Exciting stuff.

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…pation is a killer right now.

I realise that it’s been a couple of weeks since I last checked in with you all. I’m terribly sorry for that, but I’ve also been terribly busy. And I still am, most unfortunately.

But let me explain…

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Free Read: Chapter Three Of Lightning & Power!

It’s the final day before Lightning & Power‘s release and you have one last free read. That’s right, chapter three is also free! We’ve had two other free chapters (one and two) so if you haven’t read those yet, then check them out!

Not to mention, to make this especially sweet…

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