Whatever The Weather, Cars, & Cats

It’s certainly been a busy couple of weeks. Sadly, that means I’ve barely gotten any writing in on the new books. I was aiming for a good 10k words on Lightning & Power, which I plan to release first, but I’ve only just managed half of that.

Of course, that’s from a combination of new work commitments, bank holiday disruptions, and trying to get two new front tyres for my car. The latter doesn’t sound as difficult as it has been, I admit.

However, my locking wheel nut key was badly worn – something I’d been unaware of due to not having needed to remove the tyres since the car was bought last year. This meant we physically couldn’t get the wheels off because the locks couldn’t be turned.

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Elusive Time, Compliments, & Working Hard

I’m pretty tired today even though I had a lie in. My list of things to do keeps growing. Also, our place looks a mess and I seem to constantly run out of time to tidy it on top of everything else that I have to do. Basically, right now, I’m just really exhausted, but I have to go on. However, this is not meant to be a complain-y post.

Instead, this is supposed to be a post where I update you on my life, as usual. I know, I know… I missed the usual deadline of trying to achieve this a week or less since my last post, but I assure that it wasn’t to deny you my wonderful (ahaha, I joke) ramblings.

Instead, it was just a signifier that I have a lot to do right now.
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Propagate Fire

I’ve probably posted the Pablo Neruda poem Sonnet XVII before but I still love it and as such that is the reason for the title.

I still feel like I’m going through a phase of being very busy. When I do stop it’s to eat or sleep. I managed to get some writing done, though, which is good.

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Roses By The Stairs

My room is tidy. Well, mostly… There are bits of grass from my shoes that I haven’t swept up yet, but still… it’s tidy.

And you know I’d said I needed more money etc? Well, I finally got an extra job. Not sure of my hours yet, but it’ll be nice to have extra monies coming in.

I know, I know… Took me long enough. My mum is always nagging me about getting another job like it’s as easy as pie. I wish it was because then I would have gotten one sooner.

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