I still haven’t created my youtube channel trailer yet, but, in other news, doesn’t the blog look an awful lot better? I’ve been tweaking the content of more static pages, links, design and the general layout these past few weeks.

And it has finally started looking less cluttered and more organised.

I’ve even embedded a youtube video about #SatSunTails in the bottom right hand corner along with a band of other videos you can click to on my youtube channel. I’m hoping to start up #SatSunTails again as soon as possible, so watch this space.

I’ve started using my facebook fan page more often too. It’s the quickest place to visually update & send my photos to my twitter page without having to have one of these extra services like instagram. Although I like the idea of instagram it would just mean yet another social media platform to join.

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The Munchkins Are Escaping!

Did the title get your attention? Well the munchkins will! Except they won’t… It has no real relevance to anything I’m going to say in this post. Oh well.

Here, have a picture of me totally soaked from the downpour that was the early hours of Thursday morning. We cut hair, drank things, attacked each other with parts of a hoover and danced like maniacs whilst deafening ourselves next to a pair of speakers.

We’re just that cool.

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Full Moon

And I’m feeling rough. Not sure why. My brain has been all over the place. I keep forgetting things – even when I’m in the place that I want to be for the things I’ve forgotten, but even though I know there is something missing my brain is just not getting it.

I also feel sickly and headachey, though. Perhaps I am due one of my god awful nightmares for being so stressed all the time. There just doesn’t seem to be a moment where I stop, at the minute. Even in my dreams I’m racing around trying to fix stuff.

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