Cats, Book Trailers, Birthdays & Holidays

Here is a picture of our lovely, cute kitten, Barley Biscuit. And here is also a quote from an email I sent to a good friend this morning…

“He’s too intelligent for his own good and that at the moment is the problem. He has decided to take it upon himself to wake us up at 5am or earlier every morning. We’ve stopped feeding him on a morning because of it, thinking that it was because he wanted breakfast. Now he’s waking us (he does this by scratting at the door repeatedly and then if we let him in and take no notice of him he goes under the bed and pulls at the mattress right below our heads) so he can go out.

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When Does The Holiday Season End?!

In my opinion, it ends after tomorrow when there are no more prescribed holiday days. I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks with the seasonal madness (both at home and at work). Not a lot of writing or editing has been done in that time.

However, January looms and with it so too comes my next release, Preying On Time.

There is already a page set up, similar to Desecrated Bonds, for you to peruse. As soon as the cover becomes available, I will add that in too along with the release date. I’m really quite excited. Are you? What do you think to the blurb?

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