Flash Fiction No. 65


Angels & Demons

There are two sides to my job. There are two sides to a lot of things. Occasionally, there’s also that grey in between place. And that’s where I live.

“You can’t work for both sides, Hera.”

I smirked, brushing back dark bangs and tilting my head so I could see her better. Her white wings twitched, feathers trembling in the breeze. She thought everything was clear cut. I’d like to clear cut her wings right off and see her bleed out, but even I knew that was a step too far.

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Flash Fiction No. 33


Big Bad Wolf Dad

She turned her face away as he squeezed her hand. Her fingers slipped from his, withdrawing to the other side of the bed. How could he have done this to her?

He hovered, parted lips unsure.

This was supposed to be one of the happiest moments of her life. How could it have ended up so wrong? She felt heat prick at her eyes, blinking back the tears. What was that mess of skin and fur? Where was her baby?

She swallowed hard, closing her eyes as the raw whisper left her mouth. “Why did you lie to me…?”

“I didn’t lie…”

“You told me everything would be alright.” She turned, fear and fire in her trembling gaze. “That is not alright!” Her arm waved at the door. “That’s not even… What is that?!”

“He’s our son…”

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