Forming Thoughts

As you know, I’m nearing the end of my current WIP, Preying on Time, and I’ve been dithering over writing the ending. This is not because I don’t know what happens in the end or because I’ve suddenly found that I dislike the story immensely.

The truth is that I slow down for endings. I’m not willing to simply get on and write them usually because it means the end of one novel and the beginning if something new.

And I always have new ideas floating around to be written.

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Losing Your Inkheart

Today is a quiet day. I haven’t had a lot of quiet days recently. There has been much to do and many people to see and distract myself with. Distractions are good to a certain extent, but not when they are also distracting you from writing.

Mostly, I’ve been trying to ignore my emotions. I figured I could. If I ignore them then I don’t have to think about things. The problem with that is that I lose heart in the things that I really enjoy doing and I just can’t function when I try to do them.

One major thing that I’ve been lacking in recently is the heart to write.

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This is one of those rare posts where the first thing on my list is also the last thing I want to talk about, but I partly feel I must. After all, I write this blog to share my fiction and my life with you. To be honest, I wish this was part of the fiction so you’ll forgive me if I mention it and then quickly move on to something else. The thing is R broke up with me a week ago yesterday…

I would have mentioned sooner, only there was the blog challenge and I didn’t much want to talk about it anyway. I still don’t.

And besides, I have lots of other things to mention. Firstly, I want to talk about the seven deadly sins blog challenge.
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Aspiring Writers Pledge

I discovered this pledge on Liz H. Allen’s blog after flicking through from somebody else that I follow. It seems to me to be a pretty good idea to connect aspiring writers and readers looking for new material to sink their teeth into.


The Aspiring Writers Pledge: From aspiring writer to novelist in 2010

I, Rebecca Clare Smith, take The Aspiring Writers Pledge to write a book in 2011 with the intent of publishing. I promise to update my progress weekly, ask when I need support and encourage others to complete the task at hand.


Okay, so maybe I won’t manage the weekly thing, but I shall try. I know I haven’t mentioned the WIP very often lately, but as you’ve guessed I’ve had an awful lot of other stuff on my mind. This pledge will hopefully help me to focus on that, even when other stuff gets in the way.
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