25 Years

As you may or may not know, it was my birthday last Saturday. Yes. That’s right. I am now a quarter of a century old. That’s the depressing bit.

On a happier note, I have been completely spoiled by both family, friends & my loving Howard Bear. I got plenty of wonderful cards and some awesome presents.

Not all of the presents have arrived yet, though. Which is, obviously, quite exciting as that means…

More things to open!

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Christmas & 2014: A Year In Repose

365 days of ups and downs. I’m sure you can read back on them all if you really want to, but I thought it would be quicker to mention the ones I can really remember here in this single, all encompassing post.

We started the year with two book releases. Not my first title, but my first two novel length pieces; Preying On Time and Breaking Cadence.

First titles in both their respective series, I was glad to get these books finally out there for people to read. Plus, the publishing process is extremely exciting to go through.

Of course, this leaves me grateful to both Gayla Drummond and the other members of Katarr Kanticles Press.

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Here I Am, A Rabbit Hearted Girl

I wish people were braver than they are. It seems to me that, these days, nobody stands up for who or what they love. They just hide it all away in the background and carry on doing what everyone else wants them to do.

Why do people do that?

I know I used to be one of the culprits for this kind of behaviour. Hell, sometimes I still am, but I like to think that I’m a lot braver and a lot stronger than I used to be. I won’t say it was easy making the change, because it wasn’t.

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A Piece Of Old Poetry

I’ve been trying to find my lyrics and poetry lately. So far, I’ve had no luck on the lyrics front, but I thought I’d throw another piece of old poetry at you lovely people and see what you think of it. This was probably written about two years ago or more so I apologise if it isn’t quite up to my usual standard and appreciate your reading of it.

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