Paris, Japan, Hate, & Insignificance

I should be writing Delivering Hope right about now. I’m 30k words in, which is great. It’s far further along than I thought I would be after everything. But I’m not writing right now.

Instead, I’m wondering about humanity. Yesterday was Friday 13th. Bad luck according to many, but I don’t think luck had much to do with a lot of the horror of yesterday.

The lights in Paris are out.

And the rest of the world is sharing its grief in France’s national colours. Such is the sadness of our hearts.

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Sydney, Book Trailers & Christmas Wishes

First of all, I’d like to give a little nod to the terrible events that have been unfolding in Sydney. It is a horrible thing for anybody to endure, but the Australians seem to have dealt with it in the best way possible. In fact, more nations should employ the #illridewithyou notion whenever this happens.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you should have a read of this article on the subject. A lot of people have also been sharing the above image in regards to the situation. It’s something that we should all adhere to.

Thoughts and sympathies are also with those in Pakistan who are suffering a similar and equally as terrible event. But let us move onto happier words…

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Newspapers, Post Swaps, Frames & Excerpts

With half term overlapping in the divided counties of Yorkshire, we’ve been very much kept on our toes at work with how very busy it’s been. Sadly this means I have both sore feet and little to show as far as getting on with Baying For Blood is concerned.

But I did receive a framed cover copy of its prequel, Preying On Time, from my mother as an alternative to chocolate for Easter.

However, despite the busyness, you may have noticed that I treated you guys to part of a post swap with author Tara Maya in regards to her first book of The Unfinished Song series. Her return post, with an excerpt of Breaking Cadence, can be found here.

If anyone else is interested in a post swap or such, you should check out my contact page and get in touch.

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