Teaser Trailer & Other Things

If you haven’t seen my teaser trailer for Calling The Wolf, yet, then here it is:

Of course, this isn’t the full trailer. But you can see that below. The teaser trailer is simply a shortened version of this.

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Birthday Blues

So exactly a week after Valentines Day, it’s my 24th birthday. Huzzah and all that.

Usually what happens is that I get excited about my birthday from the beginning of the month and then slowly February dissolves into a mess of troubles and misery so by the time it’s my birthday I am disinterested and sulky.

Apparently this year is no different, but at least this time nobody familial has died… yet.

Instead my lovely other half is looking at a possible pay cut, which would end in us being unable to afford to stay in our little flat. It would mean moving back to our parents and living separately again.

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A Year In Our Home, Plotting & Bookcases

I finished plotting out Preying On Time’s sequel, Baying For Blood recently. This was, of course, in between working away at the day job. In fact, it was a particularly long, tiring week for that; not that I’m complaining because work means money and sadly that is what turns the world around (and means that I get bookcases for our place).

Did I tell you guys about my adventure with bookcases?

Well, Pretty is yet again broken – a suspension coil at the front on the driver’s side this time. Hopefully we will be getting that fixed at some point in the next couple of weeks. We shall have to see.

Anyway, with Pretty broken again, that means any heavy stuff I have wanted from town whilst Howard’s been at work has had to be carried home. Unfortunately, this meant that the two bookcases I bought at Argos, thus, had to be carried home.

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