Waking In The Afternoon

In case you hadn’t guessed by my absence, I’ve been at work on an eleven days before having a couple of days to relax (during which I was encouraged to sleep & then taken for dinner by my lovely Howard Bear). Slept in until early afternoon on my second day off.

I know, I know… How lazy. But I think it means I’m relatively caught up on sleep for now, which is incredibly nice as I’ve been unfortunately irritable over the past couple of weeks due mainly to tiredness. For this I apologise to everybody.

We also had to fix my car battery before we went shopping on Sunday because somehow it had run dead, which is worrying as nothing appears to have been left on. Of course, that could mean the electrics are still faulty (gee, thanks previous car owner).
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22nd #SatSunTails

Welcome to the twenty-second #SatSunTails microfiction competition.

Be warned – the prompts aren’t easy, but that’s so you can write to the best of your ability.

If you haven’t had a go before at this writing challenge, then please don’t hesitate to try this weekend.

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Just Tell The Truth

I don’t understand. Why does nobody tell the truth? Why don’t we all just speak our minds instead of hiding our true thoughts and feelings? If you want something then you go get it.

I figured this out in 2009. Not so long ago, I know, but at least it happened.

It may take me a long time to be sure on what I want or feel, but when I know that’s the truth of it I’ll go for it. I won’t give up, even if it means waiting for a very long time, because everyone deserves to be happy. And I would rather be happy and true to myself than a miserable liar.

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In case you hadn’t guessed by the montage I made in yesterday’s post, I have had a lot on my mind lately. A lot of it hasn’t been my fault and whenever I get to that comfortably numb point something or someone happens again to throw me right off kilter.

It happened in that week after new years with that message that he probably never meant, because that’s the only way I can explain it without hurting all over again and driving myself insane. Besides, if he’d meant it he would have told her the truth, finally ended things the way they should have been ended and turned up to tell me how he actually feels no matter the time of day or where I was.

And yeah, if that happened he’d maybe have a chance.

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