Valentine Fiction 1 of 4


First & Last

She closed her eyes, not waiting long to feel the soft curve of heat press gently against her lips. He tasted of every fantasised kiss but so much better. The raw gentleness of his mouth tested her, finding her tentative response with surprise, but didn’t withdraw.

Instead he kissed her again, as if checking that the first was real and wanted. Lips moved in the dark with tender reply.
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Flash Fiction No. 74


Salt Tears

“Don’t touch me.” She stood on the edge, eyes hard set on the drop below. “I can’t bear it if you touch me.”

He crept closer, nervous of the drop. The ocean clanged below, slamming against the cliff walls, dragging rocks to the depths. The cliff could go at any moment. They both knew that.

“Please, just come back inside and we can talk.”

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Flash Fiction No. 68


Sea Kiss

Brine gathered in her hair, sweeping in then sweeping out like the slow exhale of human breath. Sand clung at her golden curls in a race against the sea. Her still fingers lay curled in the smoothed dunes, half-buried.

She tasted of sea salt and red wine.

Waves crashed against rocks, creating a cacophony of crackles all along the bay, but her lashes did not part to show the blue brilliance of her eyes. Almost shrouded in sand, the bottle by her hand had been finished a long time ago. Dawn light crept rose tinted across her cream skin.

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Sinful Flash Fiction: Sloth

Seven days…
Seven deadly sins…


Sensual and sweet.

He closed his eyes, still hearing their stopped music in his befuddled mind.

They’d been singing to him. It had been the most glorious sound, dragging his limbs onto the beach and sending them to sleep as the waves lapped over his ankles.

A drowsy smile washed his sleep tainted lips.

His body, drugged by melody, felt nothing of what they were doing. His mind tried to rouse him, yet the dream was too delicious.
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