Pumpkins, Kin, & Peppermint Tea

It’s been another long week that has involved shift changes, covering sick people, and still being quite ill myself. The cold moved onto my chest, which, I felt, was unnecessarily evil for it to do so. It seems to be mostly lifting, however, with a hand from peppermint tea.

Turns out that it’s pretty good for disintegrating that nasty mucus that settles on you. I’m so glad because this cough has been doing an amazing job of keeping me up nearly every night or waking me hacking up my lungs and unable to breathe. Which is all probably very annoying for Mr Bear.

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Extra Late Birthday Bits About How I’d ‘Never Get Published’ & Other Rubbish…

I’ve copied and pasted this from tumblr because I feel (now that I’ve moved out and am happy and no longer have to deal with the person in question) that I ought to let you guys know what happened on my birthday this year – I was going to backdate this to the date stamp on my tumblr page, but instead I’ll just note it here as the 22nd February 2013. The happier part is first.

Annnnd this is how my 23rd birthday went:

Or basically, how Howard spoiled me all yesterday…

He brought me my favourite chocolate bar the night before my birthday after I’d finished work and then in the morning he gave me my card which had a really gorgeous message inside that he’d written. Then he gave me a box of ‘premium’ quality chocolates because I apparently deserve the best. And then he made me check my emails for the £30 voucher he’d given me for a site that I always go on.

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Find Sleep In The End Tonight

Another lyrically titled post. You know what that means. Yeah, another rambling post from yours truly about everything going on at the moment.

I feel like I’m complaining a lot, but then I feel I have a lot to complain about. Sadly, I can’t tell you half of it as they’re family issues. Suffice to say they’re getting me down and tightening me up with stress.

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Upbeat Wings

Well this was going to be an upbeat post because when I got in this morning I was cheery and happy from spending a lovely night with great friends and having time with somebody I’m so very happy with. But now it’s going to be an out pouring of stress.

My older brother is online talking to my mum. He genuinely makes me want to punch him in the face because he doesn’t listen to a word anyone says.

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