Pumpkins, Kin, & Peppermint Tea

It’s been another long week that has involved shift changes, covering sick people, and still being quite ill myself. The cold moved onto my chest, which, I felt, was unnecessarily evil for it to do so. It seems to be mostly lifting, however, with a hand from peppermint tea.

Turns out that it’s pretty good for disintegrating that nasty mucus that settles on you. I’m so glad because this cough has been doing an amazing job of keeping me up nearly every night or waking me hacking up my lungs and unable to breathe. Which is all probably very annoying for Mr Bear.

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Publishing Anniversary, Dad’s Birthday, & Sick Again

So it’s been just over two years since I published my first story, thanks greatly to Katarr Kanticles Press, online as an ebook. That first tome, though short, seems to have been especially well received over time. It was Desecrated Bonds and it marked a journey into the unknown (illustrated below by a shot from the drive to my dad’ birthday meal).

The journey so far has led me to sell seventy books. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s seventy more books than most people ever sell and it’s seventy more than I’d sold two years ago. And, if I’m honest, I don’t think that’s too bad!

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Find Sleep In The End Tonight

Another lyrically titled post. You know what that means. Yeah, another rambling post from yours truly about everything going on at the moment.

I feel like I’m complaining a lot, but then I feel I have a lot to complain about. Sadly, I can’t tell you half of it as they’re family issues. Suffice to say they’re getting me down and tightening me up with stress.

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Captain Scarlet

Sometimes I talk and think too much, which is probably why I feel the need to write a lot of my thoughts down on here or on tumblr.

When I was younger I did try to keep diaries so I could put my thoughts in each day, but I never remembered to keep it up constantly, which is why a blog is so much better – I don’t necessarily have to update daily if I don’t want to.

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