#MarchMadness Fiction 3 of 4


Start a War

Aston pressed his face against the window only to meet the eyes of his twin. She scowled, angry and vengeful. Moments later, the door burst open in a flash of fire.

“What are you doing?” he hissed. “Is it really clever to do that in public?”

“Is it this? Is it that? What? Why? When? Where do you get off questioning me all the time?” Murder smouldered in her gaze. “She deserves it, anyway.”
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#MarchMadness Fiction 2 of 4


Royal Lip Service

A smile. Black hair. Cool lips. He watched as her pupils dilated close to him in the confines of the school showers.

Her breathing was shallow, just like her.
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Flash Fiction No. 67


Doomed Youth

Liquorice. That’s what it tastes like. I close my eyes and try to enjoy it, but I fear I never will. Liquorice isn’t my favourite taste. I’ve always found it disgusting, but now I can feel the permeability within me.

The stickiness doesn’t shock me. It’s hot and thick.

I wonder why he wants me to do this, but I don’t ask. Questions can be answered later when my stomach is full and the dark whorls in my eyes have returned to their normal size. I suppose they might not become normal, though. Maybe they’ll stay like that.

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Halloween Flash Fiction: Week 2

#flashfiction #GhoulsGalore 

Below Stairs

The cellar steps reached below into consuming chthonic darkness. The air cloisters in my lungs, musty and old like stale breath.

My feet tell me I should go back, but I don’t because they are no longer master.

The darkness calls a cypher to my brain that only I can understand. Human fear is weak in me. This body is too frail and this soul too lacklustre to support me any more. A replacement is due.
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