My WIP is complete! *thunder & lightning*

So here you have it free. You may have guessed from the title that my latest WIP is now, finally, complete. It’s also in PDF form and freely available right here: This means you can either read it in an online preview or download it to read at your leisure. Either way, it’s free and I hope you enjoy it. I must also add that it is very slightly NC-17, though this is pretty mild compared to my usual.

Any comments on it will be really appreciated and you can provide them below. I’ll be very grateful.

Sadly, I haven’t much else to add to that right now so I hope this will suffice. I’ll start up with the more regular blogging again.

20th June… Also Known As: Well, It’s Been A Year

Exactly a year ago today is the day that I had my heart broken. It would be nice if I couldn’t remember the date, but I do. It was the day after a foam party at a local club and I know for a fact that that was on the nineteenth. I guess that’s why I’ve been putting off writing in here. I don’t really have much to say about it. I’ve been keeping myself busy, ignoring the fact that I knew the date was coming, but it still makes you feel odd when it hits you.

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Flash Fiction No.9

Flash fiction statement was provided by Henry Saro on my Facebook Fan Page.

I remained afloat in my thoughts…

I closed my eyes. The water was icy cold like winter’s breath. It swirled around me, slipping down and splashing over my cheeks.
I could have taken his hand moments before. I could have stepped away from the edge of the bridge and dried my tears. I could have given up on giving up.
I opened my eyes and watched the air bubbles escape, circling up to pop on the surface. It looked so far away now and so filled with white light from the icy skies. The sound of him yelling was slow to reach my ears.
It was like time was breaking into pieces.
I blinked, keeping my arms by my sides as I sunk deeper into the water.

Flash Fiction No.7

Flash fiction statement was provided by Henry Saro on my Facebook Fan Page.

One by one the stars of hope landed on my heart…

He brushed the napkin against his upper lip, smoothing away the curl of moisture. The tip of his tongue delved out to wrestle the taste lingering upon his mouth. He dipped his head forward as he reached inside his pocket for something. The action caused his dark hair to graze his forehead. He looked smart in the crisp white shirt and noir suit jacket. His black tie wriggled against the sharp contours of the white material.
He smiled a whisper between generosity and joy. His fingers folded around the napkin and he returned it to the table, smoothing out the tablecloth. Leaning a little way across, he cracked another joke to joyous laughter. Glittering eyes crinkled into narrower lines, enjoying the giggles of mirth trickling around his dinner companions.