Sofas & Numb Faces

One of which I’m excited about and one of which I wish would wear off. I’ve had some more done at the dentist surgery today. Though, the woman says she’s not a dentist (I think she’s a hygienist or something but it still involves poking around in my mouth, injecting me in the jaw, filling my teeth and generally making me an uncomfortable, nervous wreck).

On the plus side, she tells me that I’m doing good for sitting still and tries to make it less of an ordeal or me than any of my previous dentists have. This is probably why I find it such an awful experience and spend most of my time contorting my fingers and toes whilst lying back in the chair of horror…

Not to over exaggerate or anything.

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If We Won The Lottery

Is a regular topic of conversation in our abode at the minute, which is quite silly, really, as my other half refuses to play unless it’s a rollover. He’s also worked out how much we’d need to win in order for it to be “life changing” and how much interest we would earn off it.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you guys exactly what we would do (because we probably wouldn’t be the most conventional lottery winners).

On asking my other half what the first thing he’d buy would be, he replied ‘chicken’. By which he meant southern fried chicken take away (one of our favourites to get). He said he’d get that as a treat for us, whereas I thought I’d take us to a nice, slightly more expensive than usual restaurant where it would be quiet enough for the two of us to hear each other without lots and lots of people being there.

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