Words, Pressures, & Date Night Musings

As we move through this week, I’m pleased to say that the wordcount forĀ Calling The Wolf is up at a rather stellar 40k words. But my blood pressure is also up; an unfortunate fact.

I’m at the doctors again next week, though, so I’m hoping that he might be able to help me sort out my blood pressure medication. The whole idea is to stop me from getting migraines. Despite that, I very nearly had one last night with the usual horrendous symptoms.

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Heads, Shoulders, Sneeze, & Nose

I’ve had one of those beautiferous things… a cold. My darling other half decided to take it upon himself to share the damn thing with me. Hence, I’ve been rather under the weather the past week.

It’s a shame because, up until then, I’d been doing fantastically on the old daily word count forĀ Calling The Wolf. Unfortunately, getting ill scuppered that quite a bit. Still, the current mileage is 28, 099 words. That’s not far off the middle of the book!

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Blood, Gifts, & Striking

Where to start, this week?

I can’t say that anything truly exciting has happened recently. Apart from a blood test this morning, though I would hardly call that exciting. The nurse was very nice, however. I’m glad it was her that I saw because she was very pleasant and made me feel more at ease.

Of course, I don’t know how truly at ease anyone can be when they’re having blood taken. Especially for the first time.

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0% Writing, 100% Stress

Above, you can see the least stressful drink in the world. It was made by a colleague at work – thanks Emily! She knew that I was feeling a little anxious about certain current events and was trying to help cheer me up.

And for once, we’re not talking about President-Elect Trump!

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