Partying, Working, No Writing & Relax

Bear and I spent an entire day together on Monday, which was lovely, if tiring. After being on so many long days and late nights at work, however, it was a welcome change. We had a wander around town, bought a couple of bits and then we had a cheap and cheerful dinner at our local Wetherspoons.

It wasn’t the greatest meal ever, but it was made perfect by being able to spend it with this man (isn’t he so handsome? ;P)

He probably won’t appreciate me putting his face on the internet, but sometimes his face is too cute not to share with everybody. It also helps me get through some days when I get to see his face. And this past week has been one of those weeks.

Summer has hit us at work with full force. We are busy and then some.

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Feeling tired and distant today. I’m having trouble getting to sleep properly on a night leaving me maybe three hours sleep a night, which certainly isn’t ideal. My second eldest brother and his wife came over for the last time yesterday.

They’re emigrating to New Zealand to start a new life together there. They spent the day here and then we drove them to where they’re staying later on. For a change, there were no arguments and my brother didn’t make as many digs as usual.

As I’ve said, I feel distant and distracted today so this post may not be entirely all there.

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Shoot The Moon & Miss Completely

I have a big thing for the moon. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you that, readers, but I do. I always have had. I could stare at it for hours. It’s beautiful. And still. And quiet.

It’s like being watched over by something so bright and so calm when all else in your life is dark. Its beauty is so exquisite and ethereal…

Third life post in a week without a fiction in between, right? Must mean there’s something up. I don’t know. There isn’t really. But sometimes I need to write things out so they aren’t cooped up in my head, pulling my mood deeper and deeper down.

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Feel Free To eSlap Me.

A lot of things go through my head. They aren’t always things I can comfortably discuss with people or say out loud. A lot of the time I trouble myself over people’s reactions to whatever I might say and thoughts that they might have because of the things I’ve said.

To cut it short, I overanalyse a lot.

I don’t mean to and sometimes I wish it would just stop because there’s no need for it and I stress out more than I need to stress out. And I don’t really need to stress out much at all. Finances bug me a lot, but so do the people around me. Mostly it’s the important people that bug me and not always from what they’ve said or done.

What bugs me most is what they think or feel when I say or do something. It probably isn’t normal to obsess over it so much.

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