Flash Fiction No. 77


Fools Rush In

Once, I touched your skin. And you didn’t seem to mind.

Now I touch your skin but neither of us can feel it.

They say fools rush in where angels fear to tread. I wonder how they knew and why it came to be said, sadness in my eyes as I stare at you from across the table.

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Crimson Sheets

I don’t like people often.

What I mean to say is… I don’t like guys often.

There’s the occasional fleeting crush that I know won’t work out and that I wouldn’t want to work out. They don’t bother me. They’re usually just a silly giddy feeling that I’m never going to act on.

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Take Apart The Demon, In The Attic To The Left.

Let’s see… Things that have happened. Well, my birthday night out for one, but I will talk about that after this first important bit that happened two days later.

My cat, unfortunately, died.

Obviously the above is an old photo of us together, back when I only wore glasses and had my natural hair colour (in case you were wondering). His name was Smokey and he was a beautiful cat despite his discrepancies.

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Valentine Fiction 4 of 4


Engraving Hearts

The duct tape stopped him from moving, hands strapped to the worn fabric of the old Volvo. He wondered who would find him. Scratch that. He wondered if anyone would find him.

She’d parked the car a long way from anything.

Any other day he might have appreciated the vibrant grasses and the soft melody of the great outdoors, but today? Today he wished he’d got her something more expensive than a locket.
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