Reminiscing On Writing

Almost sent an email today to someone I used to know to see if he was still alive, then I didn’t. Instead I closed it and left it as a draft. I’m not sure why.

I guess it’s because I’ve been reminiscing and for a while that person was quite prominent in my life. I suppose if he wanted to get in touch, though, he’d email and use my new address, because I gave him it last time, even if I was cagey.

Things change, though, and sometimes it takes a lot of awkwardness before you get to a more comfortable footing.

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When the chips are down, what do you do?

You play FreeCell until all the thoughts go away and you’re left with an empty mess. I keep emptying everything out of my head until I feel distant and hollow.

Sometimes, not knowing exactly who reads this is a burden. I can’t sugar coat or anything… not that I want to sugar coat. I just want to be prepared, I guess, for whatever might be slung at me for an interpretation of my thoughts.

I kissed somebody I shouldn’t have kissed the other night…

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