Party People, Hair, Nights & Desperately Needing Sleep

Toniiiiight, I’m gonna have myself a real good time…

Or, I’m going to try. No one can ever plan for that to definitely happen. It’s a colleague & friend’s birthday though (a belated eighteenth party) so it should at least be a little bit of a laugh. I’ll be quite sad when she disappears off to university and leaves us behind, even if she’ll probably be coming back in the half terms etc.

No idea what I’m wearing yet, but, as you can see, I’ve had my hair cut and dyed so at least I’ll look nice in some respect.

Unfortunately, having it cut proved how much I stress because my hair is turning white at age twenty-four. And not just a couple of hairs, either. I can’t decide whether this upsets me or not, though. At least if it’s white I’ll get a nice bright red everytime I dye it.

I could maybe even dye it blue one day without it turning green from bleach yellowing. Which would be great. I like blue hair a lot. Not sure what work would say, however…

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“Are You Sure I Can’t Help You With The Anxiety?”

This is what the lady on the phone asked me last night when trying to direct me to the right service because my tooth has broken and I was crying and twisting my hands into knots because that’s what I do when I panic. The tooth is still broken, by the way, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Dentists scare me.

I’m not really good at the whole being touched by anybody (physically) thing and somebody poking around in my mouth while I force myself to lie prone on a chair that’s tipped back, feeling every vibration and scrape as they probe my teeth and gums whilst leaning over me and therefore blocking my escape… Well, that just absolutely terrifies me in the most irrational way possible.

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It’s Been A Month!

And we haven’t accidentally poisoned ourselves, run out of water or had the police called on us by the neighbours yet, which (so I’m led to believe) is good for a first month living under our own command and away from our parents.

High fives?

In other news, I’ve been getting some writing done on my current WIP as well as updating a lot of my social media sites.

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Staring Down The Barrel

It’s been a long and somewhat hectic week. I think I’m probably allowed to tell you now that my lovely cousin and her family moved over here from the city last weekend.

This is extra nice because now we all get to see her more and hopefully things will start looking up for her a bit more after all the trouble she’s had. My mum has also been in hospital again with her on going problems, however, this was just a check up.

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