Question Time With Timony Souler

I mentioned last week that we have an extra special treat today in that the awesome Timony Souler is gracing our presence to talk about her latest book. As a close friend and a fellow author, I was particularly excited about introducing you guys to her work, too!

So here we go!
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New Release!–Desecrated Bonds

A crime has been committed leading to the darkest of Desecrated Bonds; but then… nothing is as it should be when you lose your good half forever, doomed always to be stalked by the ghost of your own guilt.

Drowning in death and the supernatural, our heroine has to protect herself from the destruction caused by her own dark nature and come to terms with a loss so deep it will scar her soul for eternity.

Haunted, can she save herself or will this self-imposed spectre control her fate?

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Cover Reveal: Desecrated Bonds

This weekend I plan to release an eBook….

Now, there’s no need to panic as #SatSunTails will go ahead as planned. I will also be putting up the results from last weekend later on courtesy of the amazing @DoctorMikeReddy who has fought unexpected flood damage just to get us the winners.

The only difference is that there will be an extra post on Sunday giving you all the information you need to find the eBook online.

It’s called Desecrated Bonds.

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Flash Fiction No. 81


Fairytale Endings

When I tumbled, it was into his eyes; a fall so hard it choked the breath from my lungs. I should have known better. He led me into the woods, pulling his red cloaked jacket about my shoulders and tugging up the hood to shield the ebony of my wayward curls from the dampening rain.

Trees whispered on all sides, presaging against the path.

I wondered where he’d come from, melting out of the shadows from the leafy edge. Had he been waiting for me or simply lost? He’d assured me knew the way…

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