My Top 10 Items To Take Time Travelling

It’s time for another Top 10 post & this week it’s my Top 10 Items To Take Time Travelling! As you may know, I’m quite fond of the idea of time travel. I think it’s a complex thing to try to work out. After all, if you go into the past and cause an event to happen, does that mean that event was always going to happen in order to create the future you remember or have you indeed created a paradox and returned to the future to find that Biff Tannen has married your mother?

As a side note, 88mph seems pretty slow to be entering a time field.

Just sayin’.

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Grindstone, Writing, Creativity, & Future Plans

So, it’s back to work for me. At the day job anyway. I’ve spent my weeks off relaxing and spending more time with Howard Bear. Sadly that came to an end at the beginning of this week as he had to go back to the grindstone, too. It’s been especially hard adjusting to him not being home so much this time for some reason.

I wish we could spend more time together more often, but alas our work is so very different that we usually spend a lot of time apart. One day, I hope it won’t be like that, but for now it is and, just like many couples, we’ll have to deal with that.

However, that doesn’t make it any easier to bear.

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Home News, Work News & The Selfish Pursuit

The good news is that I’ve done quite a lot of writing this week. The bad news is that Forgiving Zander isn’t finished yet. And the awesome news is that Mr Bear is going to bring fish and chips in for tea!

[Do you like my fishy drawing?]

Also, my dad now has a date for his procedure. He’s still feeling dizzy and whatnot, but hopefully when he has this done everything will feel much better and he’ll be well again.

Of course, there’s no telling how well he’ll be. All we can hope is that it’s much better than he is now. I mean, I’d rather like a future where he gets to walk me down the aisle and see any kids I may have.

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RELEASE DAY!: Baying For Blood

So, book two of my amazing Indigo Skies series is out today! The sequel to Preying On Time will see us reunited with Violet, Logan and Simon in a future where the human genetic code has mutated to create various supernatural types.

In the last book, Logan was involved in a life changing attack. Baying For Blood begins with him adjusting to this new way of life when a serial killer strikes leaving Logan in the frame. Despite the evidence, PI Violet Eonsen doesn’t believe her brother has killed anyone.

She just needs to prove it.

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