The #Brainhamster

If you follow me on that thing that is twitter or you regularly read the twitter updates that loop on the twitter widget I have on the blog, you may have noticed a rather alarming amount of my posts about…

The #Brainhamster!


So what is the #brainhamster?

Is he a crazy little rodent I have bought and allowed to live uselessly in a cage in my room, thereby giving me no investment and no point in having his furry fat self?

And why am I blogging about it?

Is it because I’ve finally lost the plot and have decided to just go all out and terrify you with the insanity that gaily skips through my mind everyday?

Well, the answers to these questions are here…

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Shoes Of Self-Discovery

As interestingly as always, I was sitting musing on some of my past actions last night and, being a bit of a Harry Potter geek, I came to a conclusion. Many of you (or at least those of you who are also openly geeky) will have done those silly quizzes that you get on certain sites to determine which Hogwarts house you would be put into if you were a witch or wizard in JK Rowling’s world. This may or may not come as a surprise, but I always get Gryffindor. I know that these quizzes are not totally accurate or even created by JK (if by some miracle you are reading this, Mrs Rowling, you should put one on your site) so I understand if you think I am just waffling again.

Sometimes I wondered if I should have been stashed in Hufflepuff instead because I am not always especially brave, which brings us to what I was pondering last night.

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As an interesting change to my usual blogging routine of posting my garbled thoughts, I thought I would copy and paste a list of questions from one of those facebook notes things so that you could find out a little bit more about me. If you want to ask some questions of you own then you can at my account. Anybody who abuses this or is far too personal will not be answered and will be blocked from asking more questions to me.

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& Now For Something Completely Different

A writing piece of sorts, if you will, is what I now bestow upon you and hope you enjoy. It is meant to be entirely humorous and not at all an accurate representation of the readers of certain books…

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