Free Read: Chapter Three Of Lightning & Power!

It’s the final day before Lightning & Power‘s release and you have one last free read. That’s right, chapter three is also free! We’ve had two other free chapters (one and two) so if you haven’t read those yet, then check them out!

Not to mention, to make this especially sweet…

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Free Read: Chapter Two Of Lightning & Power!

Yesterday’s free read was the first chapter of Lightning & Power, which is ready to preorder from most good retailers. Today has another free read: the second chapter!

Don’t I spoil you, guys?

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Free First Chapter of Lightning & Power!

Read the free first chapter of Lightning & Power online, now! The third book in the Indigo Skies series is released this Saturday. That means three days of excerpts. Free excerpts. Free chapters. And free reading.

Just to get you in the mood.

I know how much you guys love a free first chapter and I’m sure you’re going to love this one. And after the free first chapter, you get the second one. That’s tomorrow!

And then a third free chapter. That’s Friday!

And on Saturday…?

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