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Page view watching has become a hobby at the minute. Not that it hasn’t always been a hobby, but at the moment I’m quite addicted. It’s especially lovely at the moment because my blog seems to be getting so much interest. Thank you for that, guys.

I don’t know what I’ve done to attract so much interest, but I’m glad it’s there. I mean, the whole of May hit more than 3k views on the blog. It hasn’t done that since January and before that it was consistently lower. I’m hoping that I can go back to the highs of 2010 and 2011 when page views were consistently higher than 3k every month.

Maybe that wasn’t by a lot, but at least it was something. And something is always good.

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Flash Fiction No. 72


Autumn Whole

His lips pressed against the bare flesh of her breastbone, her pulse jumping against his skin. Fingertips ran across the line of her jaw, pulling free a sigh as her eyes lit with a smile, curving the corners of her soft mouth. Her gaze sparkled on his.

“Why did you come back for me after all I did?”

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Another Fiction Challenge

This is just a quick note about Monday through to Friday posting this week. The lovely @LadyAntimony has challenged us all yet again. This time it’s to do with Dante’s Inferno also known as the Divine Comedy.

Like the Seven Deadly Sins challenge, this one focuses on the circles of hell and will only be 150 words long. To follow the challenge on twitter simply look for the #DivineHell hash tag.

So please remember to follow along on Monday!

A Ghastly New Challenge

As you know, @LadyAntimony has taken to giving out new fiction challenges every month. As this is October, the month where the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, she’s decided on a ghoulishly good challenge to keep us all on our toes.

In a similar vein to the lovely Stevie McCoy’s Tuesday Tales challenges, we have set words to fit into our challenge entries. But don’t think it’s just that simple! They will be creepy caricatures of four different ghastly beings. The first three beings are set, but the fourth is up for choice.

As if that couldn’t be hard enough, Lady A has cranked the word count down to a difficult 250 words.
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