Divine Hell Fiction: Treachery


She put down the glass. “It wasn’t your fault.”

Her eyes flicked over his face, blue pursuing grey. His expression remained unchanged. The lack of regret chilled her spine with the unerring sensation that she’d gotten something wrong.
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Divine Hell: Violence


She steadied herself, breathing through her nose with closed eyes. Eventually her hold on the door jamb relinquished. Her hands shook before her face, spattered in red.

Her wolf form had resisted the change but the beast inside had been uncontrollable.

It was her mother’s fault. If only she hadn’t insisted that Keera come help in the kitchen. Dinner was supposed to be stir fry, but now the lunchtime sauce covered the counters.
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Divine Hell Fiction: Fraud


She petted the wolf, smoothing his sleek fur and curling against his warm hide. His breathing resounded against her ear. He sensed her calm as she slowly drifted into sleep.

The tip of his tail flicked.

She didn’t know what he was. It was perfect. She thought he was just a big dog that she could cuddle, but that was so very far from the truth.
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Divine Hell Fiction: Heresy


“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned,” he murmured, anointing his forehead with the red liquid. It dripped down to his lips and he closed his eyes.

They all told him that it was perfectly natural. This was the right order of things. He ought to enjoy it.

Savour it, even.
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