Whiling Away The Hours

Regular readers will notice that, once again, I’ve been fiddling with the layout of the blog widgets and have changed the title image. I’m hoping that you’ll all see this as an improvement. It’s certainly intended to be one.

I spent much of yesterday trying to get it right. Lots of things have gone or been replaced or even condensed somewhat. The shelfari widget is gone. I got tired of its bulk taking up one side of the blog when it offered very little of what I wanted. However, there is a link to it on my contact page.

You may have noticed that the list of pages has also moved. It’s now a lovely little bar of pages across the top. There is also a big new picture up there. It’s a snatch of the background I use for my twitter page, but I think it goes rather well with the current colour scheme.

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#WW & National Poetry Day

Yesterday was #WW day on twitter and today is National Poetry Day in the UK, so I figured that I’d post once and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. I wouldn’t really go out and kill two birds with one stone. My aim isn’t that good.

If you read my previous post on Follow Friday, then you probably have at least a guess of what the #WW tag may be referring to. #WW stands for Writer Wednesday. It’s something that the writing community on twitter like to use to help writers connect with writers.

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New Gadgets To Fiddle With

Today I downloaded the beta version of the new Windows Live Messenger (msn to those of the old school variety). Normally, this probably wouldn’t be anything to do with the writing community; however, the new features and some of the new side programs are quite helpful for a writer wanting to stay in touch online.
The new features include the ability to connect with your facebook page and your twitter page. It also allows you to add in blog feeds so that anybody you are connected with on msn (depending on your privacy settings) will be able to see updates on your blog, your twitter and your facebook page. You can also have it join in with your myspace.

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Don’t OverByte It. Spring.me, Twit, Or I’ll Facebook Your Mum’s Space

Good morning! You may have noticed that I’ve altered the blog layout a bit. Links are on their own separate page, as is a short about me section and a quick links section to my flash fiction. It took quite a while to get it all sorted into a pleasing fashion. I wanted to make sure that I had everything I needed added in whilst keeping the blog as clutter free as possible. That’s pretty hard to do when you want people to be able to share your blog in other places and keep all your links as well as have a list of recent comments & blogs that you read. I’m hoping that I’ve managed to achieve this. So answers on a postcard (or at the bottom of this post) if you think I have or if you can see improvements to be made.

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