One Lovely Blog Award

My writer friend and fellow Katarr Kanticles Press author, Tonya Cannariato (@tmycann) has nominated me for this award. Lord only knows why. I’m not sure that either me or my blog are worthy of being called ‘lovely’.

It’s certainly a blog, though, so I won’t dispute that part. And it does give you seven facts about me that you may or may not already know, so I suppose there is that.

In any case, thank you to the lovely Tonya (she is lovely and that is another thing that we can’t dispute) for nominating me for this award.
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Upbeat Wings

Well this was going to be an upbeat post because when I got in this morning I was cheery and happy from spending a lovely night with great friends and having time with somebody I’m so very happy with. But now it’s going to be an out pouring of stress.

My older brother is online talking to my mum. He genuinely makes me want to punch him in the face because he doesn’t listen to a word anyone says.

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Versatile? Me?

Well, apparently the lovely Miss Icy Sedgwick thinks so over at her wonderful Blunt Pencil blog as she’s bestowed me with the very sought after Versatile Blogger Award that she also received from others.

I’m incredibly grateful to Icy for the awesome award, which she totally deserves for her brilliant fiction and the thought provoking pieces she writes on her blog. As always, these lovely awards have rules. And what are those rules?

I must share some more fantastic bloggers with you and give you seven sacred* facts about myself.

*not actually sacred; merely previously untold.
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