Flash Fiction No. 59


Picking Up The Pieces

She heard his screams from the other side of the mirror, but she couldn’t go back. Going back would rip her to shreds. The pieces were simply too small to pass through.

There was no way to save him from there. Without another mirror nearby or a pool of water, her elemental powers trapped her in the field. Fevered eyes stared back into the glass. A kaleidoscope picture flashed and died as the power of the other mirror finally broke into nothingness.

He had to make it.

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Sinful Flash Fiction: Envy

Seven days…
Seven deadly sins…


The banquet stilled. People spluttered, choking and dropping their goblets while she observed serenely from her unmoved seat, sipping wine.

He panicked.

The people at the table were dying. The men fell forward, drowsy, and drowned in their soup.

It was worse for the women. She’d put much more nightshade in theirs.

Trusting fools. Why leave a witch in the kitchen?
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