I Wish I Was Interesting

But I’m not so you’ll just have to listen to me prattle on about my family instead.

First of all, though, I’d like to thank all of the new commenters. It’s taken about a year for us to get to this point, but I’m so glad you started commenting. I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong, but now I feel reassured. Thank you for your lovely words. I do read every comment. I may not reply straight away, but please forgive me for that. Sometimes I’m in a rush.

One of the reasons why I’ve been in quite a few rushes lately has been the continuation of my mother’s health problems. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, she’s been having some strange turns that were originally diagnosed by the doctor (yes I’m using this word as an excuse for David Tennant images) as TIAs (transient ischemic attacks – that’s mini strokes to you and me, and is supposed to be a warning of a serious stroke to come).

So we had a diagnosis, she was told to diet and quit smoking, and life was returning to normal.

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Charcoal Lines

More recent changes to the blog. I know I make changes quite often, but they’re all done to help you along when you come to peruse this place.

I’ve also tried to make it more friendly to people who want to connect with the blog. On the left column, I added a NetworkedBlogs follower device by which you can show your support to the blog. There’s also the more traditional google friend connect button on your right.

Furthermore, you may have noticed an additional page on the pages list as well as a few other bits and pieces.

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