Hearts & Flowers

It’s nearly Valentines Day and, as such, I feel like I should really be showing you guys some love. After all, I’ve rather neglected this blog for the past couple of weeks.

That isn’t to say that anything exciting has happened, because, really, it hasn’t.

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Reviews, Smoke & Skulls, Buying, & Finally Edits!

There are a lot of things on our list for this week. I wanted to type up this post tomorrow, but I’m now covering somebody who’s sick at work. With Halloween & then Christmas coming, I don’t mind too much as I need the money.

So… reviews!

Lovely ‘Timony Souler read Preying On Time recently and was excited enough afterwards that she left a brilliant Goodreads review for it. She then decided to write AN EVEN BIGGER REVIEW for her small reviewing blog and requested an interview with yours truly.

I’m so happy that she enjoyed the book so much (especially as the sequel is right around the corner) so if you haven’t read her piece yet then you should do so here: Vorax Lector.

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Round One: KO!

Breaking Cadence is through round one of edits. I’m pretty happy with it as far as the first book in a new series goes. Yes, I am mad enough to be writing two series simultaneously.

Breaking Cadence is the first in my Survival series whilst Preying on Time is the first in the Indigo Skies series. Both are dystopian but both are in markedly different worlds.

I’ve already started the more in depth plotting of Indigo Skies second instalment, Baying For Blood, and the preliminary outline and opening of Forgiving Zander, the follow up to Breaking Cadence, is also in progress.

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When Does The Holiday Season End?!

In my opinion, it ends after tomorrow when there are no more prescribed holiday days. I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks with the seasonal madness (both at home and at work). Not a lot of writing or editing has been done in that time.

However, January looms and with it so too comes my next release, Preying On Time.

There is already a page set up, similar to Desecrated Bonds, for you to peruse. As soon as the cover becomes available, I will add that in too along with the release date. I’m really quite excited. Are you? What do you think to the blurb?

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