…pation is a killer right now.

I realise that it’s been a couple of weeks since I last checked in with you all. I’m terribly sorry for that, but I’ve also been terribly busy. And I still am, most unfortunately.

But let me explain…

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Whatever The Weather, Cars, & Cats

It’s certainly been a busy couple of weeks. Sadly, that means I’ve barely gotten any writing in on the new books. I was aiming for a good 10k words on Lightning & Power, which I plan to release first, but I’ve only just managed half of that.

Of course, that’s from a combination of new work commitments, bank holiday disruptions, and trying to get two new front tyres for my car. The latter doesn’t sound as difficult as it has been, I admit.

However, my locking wheel nut key was badly worn – something I’d been unaware of due to not having needed to remove the tyres since the car was bought last year. This meant we physically couldn’t get the wheels off because the locks couldn’t be turned.

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Weekend Relax, Computer Issues, & Words

It’s half term over here guys and as such, with people off ill/on holiday too, work has been a bit hectic and stressful. It also meant I ended up working eleven days straight and one of those days was from 9am until just past 10pm.

So, as you can imagine, I was pretty ready for my days off on Sunday and Monday. I think Howard Bear was ready for me to have those days off, too, just so that we could spend some much needed time together.

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Newspapers, Post Swaps, Frames & Excerpts

With half term overlapping in the divided counties of Yorkshire, we’ve been very much kept on our toes at work with how very busy it’s been. Sadly this means I have both sore feet and little to show as far as getting on with Baying For Blood is concerned.

But I did receive a framed cover copy of its prequel, Preying On Time, from my mother as an alternative to chocolate for Easter.

However, despite the busyness, you may have noticed that I treated you guys to part of a post swap with author Tara Maya in regards to her first book of The Unfinished Song series. Her return post, with an excerpt of Breaking Cadence, can be found here.

If anyone else is interested in a post swap or such, you should check out my contact page and get in touch.

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