Calling The Wolf Cover Reveal!

It’s time for a cover reveal! Those of you who follow my various social media feeds will know that I’m all excited because we have a cover for Calling The Wolf!

And yes, I have been teasing you with terribly small clips of it in the form of the main picture for this post. But a cover reveal is terribly exciting and I find it hard keeping it all to myself!

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Cold, Halloween, Teddies, Discord & Cadence

Those of you who follow my twitter or facebook accounts are probably aware that I’ve been feeling incredibly ill lately. It’s just a cold, but it’s a cold that has basically taken me to my knees and made me feel like death warmed up. The worst bit was that I started getting ill on Friday, which, as you know, was Halloween/Samhuinn/Samhain.

You probably also know that I was planning a party for that night. And with people putting in so much effort to make some amazing costumes, I couldn’t cancel it at the last minute.

Don’t you think they all looked absolutely fantastic?

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Promo Bits, Interviews & Author Friends

What have I been up to lately? Well, let’s see. Work and visiting people. Not to mention seeing my parents. My mum is okay. Not brilliant, but she’s waiting on the doctors to sort her out properly. Scraps of writing have been accomplished here and there, but not as much as I would have liked.

I have, however, focused on creating a few promotional images for the existing books that I have for sale. Here’s one now:

As you may have guessed, this one is for Preying On Time. There are another two for that particular book, which I’ll post below.

They’re nothing amazing, but I wanted to be able to get across a bit about the book as well as catch the eye of anybody skimming through. The idea was to make colourful images with a snapshot of either the blurb or a small excerpt from the book itself.
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A Bouquet of Pages

I went out today to buy some flowers for our flat. We’ve decided recently that it’s a nice idea to do so because it makes the place smell and look nice. I did end up buying a plant, but not a bouquet.

In fact, on my way to get a bouquet I made a disastrous turn and ended up in my favourite bookshop. Of course, it was only a disastrous turn for my bank balance as I bought two books (not a great haul but enough to tip my money scale a little again).

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