Lush Cosmetics, Boilers, & Downward Dips

I was going to pen a blog post tomorrow, but due to unfortunate occurrences I will, instead, be going to visit with in-laws. Mr Bear’s grandmother has been taken ill and so we’re going to see her and (hopefully) cheer her up a bit. Wish us luck!

On a more positive note, I’ve had some time off from work lately; partly for my birthday and partly because Howard Bear had time off so I wanted to spend a few days with him where neither of us was working. One of these days off ended up being a trip through to York and a visit to one of my favourite stores – Lush!

In case you don’t know what Lush is, it’s a shop for handmade cosmetics. The products are wonderful and the shop always smells so heavenly from them! I definitely recommend that you try them or at least have a wander into a shop. Although, I will warn you, that the staff, fantastic though they always are, are also very helpful.

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Virtuous Flash Fiction: Diligence

Seven days…
Seven saintly virtues…


White feathers stumped and painted crimson clung at his weary shoulders and stuck to his blood paddled feet, but still he walked. The small gift was safely cradled in his palms.

Nothing else mattered.

His soles cut to ribbons on the sharp rocks, the precious gift nestled in his hands. It would be delivered.
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